Friday, 22 June 2012

2nd Prize at Welsh Intensive Care Society

The Emergency Induction Checklist was well received at the annual summer scientific meeting of the Welsh Intensive Care Society in Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire.

Congratulations to Dr Ifan Rees who won 2nd prize in the Ed Major prize competition for his excellent presentation of his study on the effectiveness of the checklist in reducing errors.

We should be humble enough to realise that we are human and will not get it perfectly right every time. The checklist is just a tool to assist us.  It's free. It's harmless. It works.

Quote of the day: We need to get away from the idea that "I don't need to use a checklist because I'm a good doctor" to "I'm a good doctor therefore I will use a checklist

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  1. Full presentation and study results will be posted on this blog in time.